Psalms 111:9

"He sent redemption unto his people: He hath commanded His covenant for ever: holy and reverend is his name"

Greaaaaaaaaaaat is our God for allowing us to come peacefully to the final month of the year. By His greatness we will all end well. The 11th hour miracle that you are not expecting will be your portion, because of the season of Redemption.


After the perfect creation, God realized that His laws had been broken by mankind. Today, we still break His laws and the world still remains broken. The system is broken. Nations are broken. Societies are broken. Homes are broken. Individuals are broken. Since most of the mankind is broken, we need God of Redemption to redeem us.

Redemption is deliverance from someone or something. It is an integral part of God’s plan to fix the broken world.  In part of God’s covenant there is redemption and it is difficult for God to fail in His covenant to mankind: hence He sent Redemption. There is incredible power in redemption that is beyond deliverance due to the price that was paid.

The price paid is the blood in the Redemption. Every drop of blood of Jesus is valuable and able to redeem all the troubles in our lives. There is no situation that God cannot redeem. What the pastors, bishops, prophets, doctors, lawyers, economists and indeed all the experts in this broken world cannot redeem, our God can redeem. The redemption blood is a covenant and God has never reneged on any of His covenants.

Prayer points for the day

  • 1) Father, thank you for the provision of thanksgiving in my life, in Jesus Name.
  • 2) Lord, thank you for the gift of another beautiful day in my life, in Jesus Name.
  • 3) Lord, thank you for your mercies and loving kindness that never fails in my life, in Jesus Name.
  • 4) Lord, thank you for the grace that is Amazing all over my life and household, in Jesus Name.
  • 5) Lord, thank you for the journey so far in my life, in Jesus Name.
  • 6) Father, let me experience greater and new fulfillment of your power of redemption, in Jesus Name.
  • 7) Lord, as this year is rolling away, my life will not roll away with it, in Jesus Name.
  • 8) Father, let me cross over to the new year with peace of mind, in Jesus Name. Amen.

Have a blessed and wonderful day!


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"His grace is sufficient for thee..." 2 Cor 12: 9