Matthew 8:13

"And Jesus said unto the centurion, Go thy way; and as thou hast believed, so be it done unto thee. And his servant was healed in the selfsame hour."

The above miracle of faith happened in Capernaum, where Jesus was besought by a military leader referred to as a centurion. He, the (centurion) solemnly approached Jesus on behalf of his sick servant for healing. What played the role of prompt healing was what Jesus refereed to as “Great Faith” in the whole of Israel.

Matthew 8:10, revealed that Jesus marveled at the expression of the faith of the centurion regarding the plea of healing for his servant. There is power of faith in Jesus. Healing is part of the assignment of our Lord Jesus Christ for mankind. He is compassionate with it and still ready to release to those that believe.

Like the Centurion, let us enlarge and express our belief system in the power of faith. There is a measure of faith that is capable of bringing instant healing. What is the measure of your faith? No matter how small your faith in measure, express it in a great way and there will be something fulfilled in your life. Amen.

Prayer points for the day

1) Father, thank you for another great day of faith, in Jesus Name.

2) Lord, uphold my life and let me stand far away from every appearance of sins, in Jesus Name.

3) Lord, I thank you for the grace of a measure of faith in my life, in Jesus Name.

4) Abba Father, take away every bit of fear from my life, in Jesus Name.

5) Lord, deliver me and my household from the snare of fear in Jesus Name.

6) Lord, let me continue to increase in the faith of holiness, in Jesus Name.

7) Almighty God, enlarge and increase the measure of my faith on daily basis, in Jesus Name. Amen.

Have a blessed and wonderful day!


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"His grace is sufficient for thee..." 2 Cor 12: 9