2 Corinthians 4:8-9

8) "We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed ; we are perplexed, but not in despair ; 9) Persecuted, but not forsaken ; cast down, but not destroyed;"

No matter the enormity of trouble for Apostle Paul, he never got distressed. His own trouble was pressure against him not to be able to carry the gospel further. He (Paul) got into series of troubles from expected and unexpected sources, but refused to be distressed, because gave him victory beyond stress and distress.

Paul was troubled and made to be perplexed about preaching the gospel, but still pressed on. What is making you to be perplexed ; God will give you victory over all, in Jesus Name. Paul was committed to his calling no matter what! He had goals of his race. He was perplexed but did not take it as hindrance. He was able to make room and time out to spread the gospel. He was not in any way in despair. How much have you been troubled or perplexed that you want to throw in the towel? What is it that can make you to turn your back against God?

As from today, brethren, turn the challenges to God for victories. Let God know that it is your turn for attention. Distress and despair are not equation in the answer. Jesus is the answer. Hold on to the faith and the Author and the Finisher of it will stand with you. God that moves you from yesterday to today is still the same God. He can handle all of your troubles to become victory. Praise God.

Prayer points for the day

  1. Father, thank you for the gift of another lovely day, in Jesus Name.
  2. Almighty God, pay attention to my life and cover me and family with garments of holiness, in Jesus Name. Amen.
  3. Lord, give me victory without despair, in Jesus Name.
  4. Father, this very month give me victory far above distress, in Jesus Name.
  5. Father, give me victory beyond any perplexing in Jesus Name.
  6. Lord, bless me with victory without hinderance of and forms, in the Mighty Name of Jesus.
  7. Father, despair and distress are not in the equation of victory, therefore, remove them from my life, in Name. Amen.

Have a blessed and wonderful day!


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"His grace is sufficient for thee..." 2 Cor 12: 9