TWICE AS MUCH RESTORATION”. Part II : Tuesday October 17

Job 42:10

"And the Lord turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends: also the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before"

At some point in life, people can experience the spirit that carries losses about. Today, it is declared particularly for somebody that can believe; that Whatever good things that have been considered lost over the years in your life spiritually, physically, maritally, financially or otherwise shall be recovered in Jesus Name. Amen.

When the seasons of restoration for Job came, nothing can stop great things happening in his life. The devil had no more power over Job’s life. The devil stepped far away. In the Name that is above all others, this is your own seasons and times of restoration and the best is yet to come in Jesus Name.

It was wonderful that the years that all what Job and others considered lost were just temporary. God put them away for a reason that had not been revealed to us. One thing was very certain; that all was within the will of God. Submit to the will of God. Do not struggle against it. God knows how to double your portion. It does not matter what it looks like now God is more than able. Job received abundant restoration to wipe away his losses. Amen.

Prayer points for the day

1) Father, thank you for the restoration as twice as much in Jesus Name.

2) Lord, restore all my sinful wasted years to faithful years in Jesus Name.

3) Father, restore all my fruitless years into fruitful years in Jesus Name.

4) Lord, let me enter your abundance of restoration, in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

5) Lord, restore unto me the joy of my salvation, in Jesus Name.

6) Father, everything that I have lost in the realm of the spirit, let me regain in the physical in Jesus Name.

7) Almighty God, today, every of my year lost as an unbeliever, let me recover them all as a believer, in Jesus Name. Amen.

Have a blessed and wonderful day!


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"His grace is sufficient for thee..." 2 Cor 12: 9