Philippians 1: 19

"For I know that this shall turn to my salvation through your prayer, and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ"


Paul the apostle expressed one of the greatest belief systems in the above Bible passage. He wanted eternal salvation, because of his background before his conversion. He worked out his salvation with total alertness, never wanted to backslide with material things of this world.


Thereafter his salvation, he faced more persecutions than he unleashed on the new testament Christians. He endured all sufferings and wanted to be free from both physical and spiritual barriers; hence he called for prayers and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ. That was a big request!


He wanted a life of total freedom. He therefore requested for prayer from other people. Why? Because there has never been a knife that can sharpen its own blade. Christians need to intercede in prayers for one another. We need to pray for our leaders, families and friends to keep standing. One thing is sure: if you pray for others you pray for yourself. The big request from Paul was that he requested for the supply of the Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ. He did not ask for provision of it, but he asked for supply. Provision is different from supply. He did not want to lack in the supply of the Sprit that God the Father Had placed on Jesus Christ. You too can possess it, if you can make a total U turn like Saul turned to Paul. Praise God.

Prayer points for the day

1) Father, thank you for the light of another beautiful day, in your presence, in Jesus Name.

2) Father, thank you for giving us the hope of joy of this special season, in Jesus Name.

3) Father, thank you most sincerely for the eternal salvation that you have prepared for us, in Jesus Name.

4) Lord, thank you for the favor of the Spirit of Christ for us, in Jesus Name.

5) Father, thank you for the free supply of all I need spiritually and physically, in Jesus Name.

6) Almighty God, thank you for the supply of the Spirit of Jesus to our generation, in Jesus Name.

7) Father, do not let me lack in any form the Spirit to be like Jesus, in Jesus Name. Amen.

Have a blessed and wonderful day!


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"His grace is sufficient for thee..." 2 Cor 12: 9