“THE GLORY IS PASSING BY” : Friday January 25

Exodus 33:22

"And it shall come to pass while my glory passeth by, that I will put thee in a clift of rock, and will cover the with my hand while I pass by."

From the above Bible passage, it could be said that glory is a big deal to God. As a result, we should consider glory a big deal as well. Moses was on a special errand for God and he requested God to come along with him. He also requested for the glory of God to show as evidence that God will lead him through the assignment.

God showed Moses His divine presence and the glory. However, God did not allow Moses to see the full blown glory. Why? The next to answer may be that the glory is so magnificent that if Moses could see it, he would be distracted and not follow through with the assignment. We have no right to question God, because there is always a reason for anything that God is doing.

The glory of God is for God’s purpose and only part of it is released to us. The power of Glory would have been too much for Moses, hence God showed him part of it. Brethren, there is glory of God all around us and we are only seeing part of it. Moses asked to see the glory and not just part of the glory. God knew that Moses only needed part of it to carry out the assignments. Favor, grace, success, breakthrough etc always follow the glory of God. Ask for the glory. Glory of God is passing by. May you see it and may it not pass you by, in Jesus Name. Amen.

Prayer points for the day

1) Father, thank you for the glory passing along daily, in my life, in Jesus Name.

2) Father, thank you for keeping me in the loop of your glory, in Jesus Name.

3) Father, thank you for not by passing me from your glory, in Jesus Name.

4) Father, let your mercy attract my glory fresh, in Jesus Name.

5) Lord, I will not walk away from my glory, in Jesus Name.

6) Father, let me experience your glory fresh on daily basis, in Jesus Name.

7) Father, take me and family to the mountain top of your glory and keep my glory fresh, in Jesus Name. Amen.

Have a blessed and wonderful day!


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"His grace is sufficient for thee..." 2 Cor 12: 9