Ephesians 1:17

"That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of Glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of HIM:"

God is interested in the affairs of mankind from time Elohim and from generation to generation. There is the Father of Glory and there is the Son of Glory. The equation is that there is the Spirit of Glory. The Glory of the Father is as good as that of the Son and the Spirit. All of them are designed to be given to us and used by us. Amen.

The King of Glory is the light that shines over and upon every season not only in this Christmas season. Jesus is the King over divine wisdom and revelation. Knowing HIM as the King born as our Savior increases our knowledge of wisdom and revelation, because in HIM we have all things and all are created. Amen.

The birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ was a miracle. It was a kind of unspeakable miracle of our times. Such can still happen by the power of the same Holy Spirit that came upon the life of Mary. It is a great thing to be favored like Mary but we must be able to go through what she (Mary) went through. When the favor of God speaks mercy must respond, in Jesus Name. Amen.


Prayer points for the day

1) Lord, thank you for the day in which you have made, in Jesus Name.

2) Lord, thank you for the day in which my sins were washed away, in Jesus Name.

3) Father, favor me and top it with mercy, in Jesus Name.

4) Lord, let the yuletide season bring to me and my family the good news of good tidings, in Jesus Name.

5) Lord, let me and my family end this year well and stronger, in Jesus Name.

6) Lord, it is time to work wonders in every area of my life, in Jesus Name.

7) Father, release the wisdom, knowledge of understanding to complete my life, in Jesus Name. Amen.

Have a blessed and wonderful day!


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"His grace is sufficient for thee..." 2 Cor 12: 9