“OPEN UP, O HEAVENS” . Part 1: Wednesday October 7

Isaiah 45:8 NLT

“Open up, O heavens and pour out your righteousness. Let the earth open wide so salvation and righteousness sprout up together. I the Lord, created them.”

Open heavens started with the power of creation of heavens and earth. The Trinity ( God the Father, God the Son and GOD the Holy Spirit) played great roles in the design and creativity of heavens and earth. From the above passage we can deduce that what happens in heavens have the possibility of affecting the earth because the heavens and the earth can open and close depending on the plans and purposes of God. Amen.

God Has great plans for us. Hence He is more interested in opening heavens for us; whereby we would know that He is in charge. When He opens the heavens no man can shut and vice versa. Every one of us has heaven and heavens over and above us. Righteousness is the work of God and dwells with God. That is why the passage above wants it poured down from heavens.

Heavenly righteousness is the plan and purpose of God from heaven and when Heavens open it is released for those that who in alignment with God. Those who do not argue with God. Those that will do what God says will have righteousness delivered to their door posts. Actually, righteousness will be their daily bread. Amen.

Prayer points for the day

1) Father, thank you for keeping me and family under the open heavens part 2, in Jesus Name.
2) Lord, set me up and let divine righteousness locate me from heavens, in Jesus Name.
3) Lord, let the heavens open to me with eternal righteousness, in Jesus Name.
4) Lord, let heavens over my head and let the dews of heavens fall upon me in Jesus Name.
5) Lord, open my heavens and let there be practical evidence of your blessing in my life, in Jesus Name.
6) Father, let heavens open for me with garments of righteousness all over me in Jesus Name.
7) Lord, open heavens and pour the Spirit of righteousness upon my head for your glory, in Jesus Name. Amen.

Have a blessed and wonderful day!


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