Exodus 6:6

"Wherefore say unto the children of Israel, I am the Lord, and I will bring you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians, and I will rid you out of their bondage, and I will redeem you with a stretched out arm, and with great judgements"

For many years, the children of Israel suffered under the command of series of taskmasters who afflicted them with heavy burdens in Egypt. The Bible says in Exodus 1:14 “And they made their lives bitter with hard bondage, in morter, and in brick, and in all manner of service in the field: all their service, wherein they made them serve, was with rigour”

What can be worse than these experiences of life? In all of these, God was mindful of His own people and raised a deliverer to take them out through the power of redemption. God arose and designed total redemption for these people, because the groaning of these burdens were too much. They cried in desperation and they were redeemed.

When God is behind the journey to your redemption all obstacles must disappear. God arose and made a road map towards their freedom. He brought all of their oppressors to great judgment and took His people to a better land. God is aware of the burdens or bondage facing you. He is the Alfa and the Omega. He can just stretch His mighty hands and redeem you out of them all. Do not allow your situation to define your destiny, because God is the designer of your destiny and He alone has the final say. Amen!

Prayer points for the day

  • 1) Lord, I thank you because you are mindful of me and my household, in Jesus Name.
  • 2) Father, I thank you because you will not allow devil to prevail over my life, in Jesus Name.
  • 3) Lord, I thank you because you are the Alfa and the Omega of my life and household, in Jesus Name.
  • 4) Father, I thank you because you have designed my destiny for the best, in Jesus Name.
  • 5) Father, finish the unfinished process for my redemption, in Jesus Name.
  • 6) Lord, touch me one more time for the perfection of my life, in Jesus Name.
  • 7) Father, do not leave me until I am totally redeemed, in Jesus Name. Amen.

Have a blessed and wonderful day!


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"His grace is sufficient for thee..." 2 Cor 12: 9