“DIVINE INTERVENTION”. Part 1: Friday May 1

Daniel 3:25 NKJV

“Look!” he answered, I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire; and they were not hurt, and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God.”

The king Nebuchadnezzar dared the people of God ((Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego) and put them in the fiery furnace ; not just to punish them, but to destroy them with his royal power. However, God of divine intervention rose up to their predicament and stopped the evil plan of the king from happening. God showed His sovereign power over that of man.

According to the Bible passage above, the first thing to notice is that when God intervened, you become loose from anything that put one into bondage. The three “convicts” in the fire were loosed by divine intervention. There is something called Covid -19 that has put the whole generation of our time in bondage. This bondage range from the pandemic of fear to death. In the midst of this : there is pandemic of misinformation, hypocrisy, lies and exaggeration, etc. As a result, we need a divine rescue by divine intervention. Dear Lord, intervene for us, in Jesus Name.

There is power in divine intervention that no one can deny or explain. When God intervenes good things come in and evil things stopped, without any man. This is the time to hold on and look up to the only begotten Son of God. ( JESUS )He is on assignment and can return any moment from now. Work out your salvation with fear and trembling and live each day as if Jesus would come today. Amen. Please note and stay tuned for three more parts on this Bible passage.

Prayer points for the day

1) Father, thank you for your divine intervention in my affairs in Jesus Name.
2) Father, my case is urgent, intervene right now for my rescue, in Jesus Name.
3) Lord, in all things around me, intervene for good, in Jesus Name.
4) Father, intervene and loose me of every bondage; seen and unseen, in Jesus Name.
5) Father, if you do not intervene for me, who will? intervene for me this day, week, this month and indeed this very year, in Jesus Name.
6) Lord, intervene in every inherited yoke troubling my life, in Jesus Name.
7) Abba Father, intervene and break the yoke of Covid -19, across the world, in Jesus Name. Amen.

Have a blessed and wonderful day!


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"His grace is sufficient for thee..." 2 Cor 12: 9