Special 7-Day Prayer and Fasting

1) Mark 9:29 Says

“And He said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.


2) Matthew 17:21 Says  (King James Version). “Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting” (*Please note many other versions are missing this in the Bible.*)




Beloved Brethren,


The Spirit of the Lord Has directed us to embark on a “Seven  (7) Day” Fasting and Prayers beginning from Wednesday August 21st 2013—–Tuesday August 27th 2013.



Anointing to Break Deadly Covenants.


Prayer Points

1) Prayer of Thanksgiving for continuous and unhindered trend of peace and stability in the Church of God and in the families in the household of God

2) Prayer to receive forgiveness for our families in the household of God from our grassroots, ancestors, foundation and past generation way back to (80 generations past) till now.

3) Prayer of overall cleansing for the body of Christ and cleansing of the altar of God for fresh fire of anointing of the power of the Holy Spirit.

4) Prayer of journey mercies for all that would be traveling by air, land and sea for the program.

5) Prayer against every weapon of wickedness troubling our life and our family be put to shame.

6) Prayer to break every conscious and unconscious covenant speaking against our progress in life.

7) Prayer to break every covenant of limitation.

8) Prayer to break every covenant of marital failure.

9 Prayer to break any covenant of stubborn source of infirmity.

10) Prayer to break covenant of infirmity of unknown origin.

11) Prayer to break every covenant with the spirit of pisgha.

12) Prayer to break every deadly covenant with our places of birth.

13) Prayer for special anointing for all the ministers (invited and parish ministers) that would minister for the 3 days.

14) Prayer for miracles, signs, wonders and testimonies to follow all of us after this program, especially people that would attend this program.

15)  Prayer for fresh fire of anointing to follow the Church of God after this program.

16)  Special prayers for Pastors Abraham Adeniji, Michael Oluwabunmi, Music Minister David Oke and others ministering for high level and double portion of anointing to minister for the 3 days and beyond.

17) Prayer for the General Overseer, (Daddy G. O.) his wife and the members of the Board of Governors of RCCG worldwide and Chairman of NA, Pastor James Fadele, Provincial Pastors, Zonal Pastors, Area pastors, workers and members of RCCG worldwide; that God would continue to enlarge us for the Kingdom building.

18) Prayer of the power of the Holy Spirit to set on all devilish banks keeping any deadly covenant against our families.

19) Prayer to break every power of covenant mis-direction our lives.

20) Prayer to break all covenants that have put any one/ member in RCCG into any position of attacks.

21) Prayer to break unspoken, unwritten and un-pronounced curses inherited as a result of family background.




1). Start Tuesday August 20 mid night.

2). Break at 3:00 pm, noon of Wednesday August 21.

4). During break we can eat salad without dressing, drink water, eat fruits (e.g. bananas, watermelon, etc) until 12:00 midnight.

5). If possible meet at the Church 8:00 pm- 9:00 pm daily to pray.

Place : RCCG Amazing Grace Sanctuary

45 Confederate Way

Stafford, VA 22554


Remote: Call into 218-339-2500, use pass-code 999803#


Time : 8:00pm-9:00pm



6). Please follow the cycle till Tuesday August 27th 2013. However, feel free to continue with the ministers until the end of the Great Grace Program.






Please contact the pastor or any of our ministers for further clarification.


May the God Lord bless you!